F.A.Q. to try to offer an answer to all your questions

Location and medical assistance

1Where is the nearest train station? And the nearest airport?
The nearest railway station is in Vada and the nearest airport is in Pisa.
2How far is the nearest village?
The nearest town is Vada, approx. 2 km from the campsite.
3Are there buses to the village?
There is a tourist train service connecting the campsite with the village. The train stop is about 150 m from the campsite entrance and the ticket can be bought at the reception desk.
4Is there a pharmacy in town?
Yes, there is a pharmacy in Vada
5Is there any hospital nearby and an emergency room?
The nearest hospital and emergency room are in Cecina, approx. 6 km far away.
6Do you have a medical service?
We have a private doctor's surgery: in high season the doctor is on the campsite at fixed hours; in low season you can take an appointment. The medical surgery is a fee-for service.


1Do you have an ATM inside? Where is the nearest ATM?
There is no ATM on the campsite, but in Vada ( 2 Km) there’s both a bank with an ATM and a post office for withdrawals.
2Is there a shuttle service to the beach?
No, there isn’t. You can reach the beach just walking 10 min. through the pinewood
3Do you have WiFi?
We have free WiFi in 4 hot spots: reception, swimming pool, bar and pool bar. You do not need a password or login to access. WiFi doesn't work at the bungalows or even on the pitches.
4Do you have a barbecue area? Is it possible to bbq on the pitch or at the bungalow?
We do not have a bbq area, but you can grill directly on the pitch or at the bungalow with your own equipment.
5Is the pool heated?
No, our pool is not heated

Information about pitches

1What is the difference between the standard and the comfort pitch?
The difference is only their size: the standard pitch is about 60 sqm while the comfort one is about 80 sqm.
2What are the check-in and check-out times of the pitch?
The pitch is available from 12.00 on the day of arrival until 12.00 on the day of departure.
3Is there electricity on the place?
Yes, 6 Ampere electricity is on every place; long cable and blue industrial adapter are required.
4Are the pitches equipped with water loading and unloading connection?
No, the pitches are not equipped with loading and unloading connection. It is possible to load water before entering the pitch. We have a camper service for unloading.
5Is the hot water timed? Do you need a token?
Hot water is not timed and no token is needed.
6Is it possible to hire a fridge?
We do not have any fridge for hire, but nearby there are 2 caravan garages that provide the service. You can ask at the reception desk their e-mail address or telephone number.

Information about mobile homes (bungalows)

1What are the check-in times for mobile homes? And check-out times?
Mobilhomes are available from 5.00 pm on the day of arrival: if you arrive earlier you can check-in and you can start enjoying the camp-site facilities. As soon as the mobilhome is ready we call you for the key. Mobilhomes should be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure: after checking-out in time you can spend the whole day on the camp-site.
2Are the bungalows equipped with mosquito nets?
In every bungalow typology the windows are equipped with mosquito nets.
3Is it possible to rent towels?
It is possible to rent towels at the price of € 5,00 each set (1 Bath towel, 1 Hand towels and 1 Washcloth)
4What is the difference between the mobile home DELUXE and the mobile home SPACE?
They are both mobilhomes for 5 people but the mobile home Space has large and spacious bedrooms and living room. You can even place a baby bed or an extra single bed. The mobile home Deluxe has an outside balcony while the mobile home Space has a large outside veranda.

More information

1Can I book a specific pitch or mobile home?
Whilst we will try to accommodate your requirements, we regret that we cannot guarantee the availability of a specific mobilhome or pitch.
2Do you have a laundromat?
Yes, we have token washing machines and dryers at the supermarket. The coin can be purchased at the supermarket.
3Can I get food for coeliacs?
In our restaurant it is possible to get gluten-free meals but the preparation is not done in a dedicated room and food can be contaminated.  
4Is the water in the campsite drinkable?
Yes, the water in the campsite is drinkable.
5Is it possible to park the car on the pitch or next to the mobilhome?
Cars have to be parked in the parking places ( not guarded ) at the entrance. It is possible to drive in the camp- site only on the day of arrival and the day of departure. To bring shopping to your place/ bungalow during the stay, you can use green trolleys at the entrance.
6Is it possible to enter and exit the campsite at night?
The pedestrian walkway and the parking place are always open.
7Do I have to wear the identification bracelet?
Yes, it is mandatory. The armband has to be worn in a visible way at your wrist and it will be given to you by the reception staff upon arrival
8Do you have to wear a swimming cap in the pool?
No, wearing a swimming cap is not necessary.
9Are visitors allowed?
Visitors are admitted to the campsite: they have to be welcomed at the reception by the customers already on the camp-site, leave their ID and pay the daily rate.
10Do you accept minors?
We do not accept minors travelling by their own. We accept minors only if they travel with their parents or guardians who remain in the camp-site during the whole stay.